Piezography Black & White Prints

LAB loves Piezography!

Lab Photoworx Piezography print

The Piezography inkset is the pinnacle of modern digital black and white photo printing.

With a range of tones that emulate classic darkroom finishes from neutral to warm or cold -- or any combination between, Piezography yields an elegant and visually stunning print in matte or glossy finish that rivals the look of classic wet darkroom prints.

Lab Photoworx highly recommends ordering the Piezography process for all your serious black & white work. Choose a piezography inkset below to get started: Carbon has a warmer look while Warm Neutral and Selenium are more of a classic midcentury black and white look. Special Edition combines neutral highlights, selenium midtones and Carbon shadow tones. All are beautiful. You can order a set of sample prints here, to help you choose.