What is Piezography Photo Printing Anyway?

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What is Piezography Photo Printing?

Carbon Piezography print "Trans Girl in Echo Park" by J.A. Overtoom

Lab Photoworx Carbon Piezography print 'Trans Girl in Echo Park' by J.A. Overtoom

Are you a black and white photography lover who wants to combine the look and feel of classic mid-century wet darkroom print techniques with the power and flexibility of modern digital technology?

Then Piezography is your dream come true.

What the heck is Piezography you say?

Glad you asked!

Piezography is the brainchild of Master-Printer Jon Cone. A fine-art inkjet printing system for black and white photography comprised of a six or seven  shade monochromatic ink set that replace the color inks in Epson wide format printers with the "all-black" Piezography inks.

The Piezography inkset, combined with with specific paper profiles for different media, produce finer detail, better highlight and shadow definition, smoother tonal scale, and zero metamerism compared to typical inkjet BW solutions.

The surface reflection of the printed image will be without any trace of color and will have a significantly better “depth”. The prints have the look and feel of a fine platinum or palladium print, but with an exceptionally long tonal range. In fact, the tonal range of Piezography is considerably longer than any traditional darkroom or printing out photographic process.

The “S” curve of these traditional processes is completely straightened out resulting in several more stops of available information. Photographers who scan their film will be able to print information that they will not have seen in their darkroom processes. Digital photographers will have a process that can match the extended dynamic range of today’s sophisticated CCDs. Piezography can print in matte or gloss finishes, both look great. The 'gloss' looks very much like the classic Kodak F type finish, yielding a timeless wet-darkroom look and feel.  

Although Piezography can be technically challenging for some photographers to master on their own, requiring a large commitment of hardware and materials as well as time, Lab Photoworx has been printing piezography for over a decade and know all the ins and outs already. Showcasing your work with a beautiful piezography print is as easy as a phone call or visit to our website!

Lab Photoworx offers piezography prints in four beautiful flavors:

Carbon Piezography photo printing for warm tones with a solid and punchy black bottom. The featured image on this page is a carbon piezography print on glossy Hahnemule photo rag paper.

Selenium Piezography photo printing for the look of a classic mid-century cold-tone/neutral wet darkroom print with a dilute selenium bath finish. Think classic Kodak photo enlargement paper.

Warm Neutral Piezography photo printing is also a classic mid-century wet darkroom look but skews more toward the unique beauty of German photo giant Agfa-Gevaert's line of discontinued silver-gelatin darkroom papers of the 1960's & 1970's.

Special Edition Piezography photo printing blends the best of three different piezography inksets: carbon for glorious shadows, selenium for the midtones and neutral for the highlites. A gorgeous inkset.

Can't decide? Order Piezography print samples here!

Check out our Black & White Fine Art Inkjet Print page to learn more about piezography and all of the archival gallery-quality digital print services Lab Photoworx offers. Or if you are leaning more toward a classic wet darkroom silver gelatin or platinum/palladium print, check out our Classic Wet Darkroom Print Services page!

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